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Feb 13
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CSU2U Florida

  • February 13
  • February 18, 2018

CSU2U FLORIDA 2018 : A Little Bit of CSU Close to Home

Join us at one (or all three) of our annual Florida alumni events, as we bring a sampling of today's CSU right to you. Reminisce and enjoy common recollections about Cleveland and Cleveland State. Learn about the new programs, initiatives, and buildings underway on campus. Experience some of our academic thought-leaders as they present engaging classes on contemporary topics. 

All CSU alumni, family members and friends are invited to participate in these special experiences. Details are being finalized and will be announced soon. Please let us know about your interest in one, two, or all three special events in Florida this coming February.


  • Tuesday, February 13 Day 1
    • 2:00 PM5:30 PM
      Lecture and Reception at The Villages
      The Villages Polo Club
      703 North Buena Vista Blvd
      The Villages, FL 32162

      Join us for one of our classes followed by a reception of Vikings living at or near The Villages.

      2:00 - 2:30 pm

      2:30  - 3:30 pm
      Mining the Solar System:The Technical, Legal and Ethical Challenges
      Mark J. Sundahl, Charles R. Emrick Jr. - Calfee, Halter & Griswold Professor of Law
      Lecture sponsored by Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

      Sixty years after the beginning of the Space Age with the launch of Sputnik, mankind is now on the brink of a new space industry: natural resource extraction. Well-funded companies lead the way as countries, such as the U.S., Luxembourg and Japan, develop enabling regulations.The potential wealth available on asteroids and other celestial bodies is virtually limitless. What technical, legal—and perhaps most importantly —ethical challenges await mankind on this new frontier?

      3:30 - 5:30 pm 
      Reception and CSU Update

      End your "class day" or start your happy time of day with fellow alumni and friends. Come prepared to have fun!

  • Friday, February 16 Day 2
    • 1:00 PM8:00 PM
      Alumni College at Fort Myers
      Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa
      17260 Harbour Pointe Drive
      Fort Myers, FL 339088

      Join us the entire day…or part of the day.

      11:30 am - 1:00 pm Optional Pre-College Luncheon and Program
      1:00 - 1:30 pm Check-in for Classes
      1:30 - 2:30 pm Class Session I (choose from two options)
      2:45 - 3:45 pm Class Session II (choose from two options)
      4:00 - 5:00 pm Class Session III (choose from two options)
      5:00 - 7:30 pm Reception

      11:30 am - 1:00 pm
      Optional Pre-College Luncheon and Program ($20 per person)
      Arrive early to experience a riveting lecture by Associate Professor Ed Horowitz (back with us by popular demand!) over a delicious lunch with fellow alumni and friends.

      Lunch Remarks: “Fake News and How to Find Your Way through the Rabbit Hole of (Mis)Information”

      Real? Fake? As we follow the news in real time over Facebook, Twitter and across social media, it gets harder and harder to separate fact from fiction. In this presentation, you will learn strategies to make sure you’re not fooled by mischievous online ‘bots and trolls’ that actively spread disinformation online.

      Class Session I

      1:30 - 2:30 pm
      From P.T. Barnum to Kim Kardashian: How Public Relations “Made You Look”
      Associate Professor Ed Horowitz

      Not only was he “The Greatest Showman” of the 19th century, but P.T. Barnum was a master of public relations in an era before radio, TV, movies and the Internet. There may be a sucker born every minute, but together we’ll learn how to recognize the PR techniques and tricks that Barnum used that are still practiced today.

      The Impact of Music as Medicine
      Assistant Professor Deborah Layman

      The therapeutic use of music is as old as biblical times.  Music can play an important and unique role in healing and rehabilitation, as well as wellness. This presentation will explore the field of music therapy, in which trained therapists prescriptively apply music to treat a variety of physical, communication, cognitive and social/emotional needs. 

      Class Session II

      2:45-3:45 pm
      How to Stay Safe in the Water: Phishing, Spear-phishing, Whaling and Ransomware Attacks
      Professor Brian Ray

      Ransomware and phishing in all its forms are among the most common cyber-attacks on the internet landscape today. In essence, they are digital blackmail and pose a serious threat to both personal and professional information. Yet despite the risks, many of us continue to open emails and attachments from unknown senders. Learn about these and other common cybersecurity threats, as well as basic cyber hygiene steps you can take to minimize your risk.

      The Magic of Music: The Why Behind the Wonder
      Assistant Professor Deborah Layman

      The formalized use of music to treat a wide range of therapeutic needs is becoming increasingly prevalent. This presentation (a follow-up to the first one) will dive into the reasons why music therapy can be so beneficial for many people. The neurological basis for the therapeutic use of music will also be examined. 

      Class Session III

      4:00-5:00 pm  
      Blockchain and Bitcoin Basics (or How (Not) to Turn $1K into $1M in One Year)
      Professor Brian Ray

      What’s in your wallet? It’s estimated that more than 100,000 merchants and vendors accept Bitcoin as payment. A worldwide payment system and the first decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin works without a bank or administrator.  While Bitcoins can be exchanged for products and services, many people view them as a way to get rich quick. Find out how the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and other blockchain platforms work; why the technology has the potential to transform the financial and other industries; and whether it’s overhyped (and overpriced). 

      Honey Badger Don’t Care: Donald Trump, Breitbart Newsand the Fight for the Republican Party
      Associate Professor Ed Horowitz

      Donald Trump won the White House in 2016 and things in Washington haven’t been the same since. Amid the angry tweeting, name-calling and infighting, the GOP seems to be on the verge of splitting at the seams. Join us as we examine how Steve Bannon’s Breitbart News helped Trump win the White House—and how his populist strategy may affect next year’s midterm elections.

      5:00-7:00 pm
      Reception and Remarks

      All alumni and friends are invited to join us for a special reception and update by President Ronald M. Berkman as he joins us for his last time before retiring. Learn more about campus today, the milestones achieved in recent years, and the future of CSU.

  • Sunday, February 18 Day 3
    • 11:00 AM1:30 PM
      Sunday Brunch in Boca Raton
      Waterstone Resort & Marina
      999 E. Camino Real
      Boca Raton, FL 33432

      11:00 am - 1:30 pm 
      CSU Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

      Enjoy delicious food and conversations as you reunite with Viking alumni (and meet new ones) from southeast Florida. Members of our faculty/staff will share CSU updates and achievements, along with the exciting opportunities ahead in the coming year.