Viking Volunteers


Giving Day social media participation:
Use your social media savvy and commit to sharing posts with your network of friends and followers during January and/or February to promote our annual Giving Day and encourage participation.


Apply to be a Social Media Ambassador for the CSU Alumni Association or nominate a friend or classmate.


Move-in Weekend Volunteers:
We all remember the daunting task of moving all of belongings into our dorm room. Help ease the burden and help students move in.

Make a Difference Day
and Day of Philanthropy:
Held each fall with current students serving as volunteers at locations across the city, we encourage alumni to take advantage of the same projects each October.

Viking Expeditions:
Service projects are held monthly around Cleveland for students. Alumni are welcome to join on the specified day(s).

Winter break and Spring break service locations:
Host a lunch or dinner at locations throughout the country where students are participating in service projects.

Become a Viking Volunteer