Coping with COVID-19

Coping with COVID-19 Image
Coping with COVID-19 April 3, 2020

Dr. Katherine Judge, associate professor of psychology at CSU, offers helpful tips to navigate a new world of social distancing, isolation and quarantines.

  1. Set up a schedule or routine.
    “When you’re not doing anything, you’re at risk of experiencing anxiety or depression,” Judge said.
  2. Make sure you’re socializing virtually.
    “We are social creatures and socialization and social support is so important.”
  3. Go outside.
    “It might mean you go outside on your porch. It might mean you do some yardwork.” Getting some fresh air can really clear your head.
  4. Finish your unfinished, untouched home projects.
    “Build it into your schedule, so it’s not overwhelming.”
  5. Stay physically active.
    You’ll find that there are ways to engage in many of your hobbies virtually.
  6. Become a virtual helper.
    For seniors, who may not get a chance to visit with their grandchildren, consider calling in to help occupy their time, by reading to them or engaging with them in some other activity.
  7. Be aware of your feelings.
    “These are stressful and difficult times. Do something that makes you less anxious and sad.”
  8. Actively work on having a positive mindset.
    “Your mind is really quite powerful in terms of how we think about things really translates into how we feel about things and then how we act or respond to things.”