'There are no limits'

'There are no limits' February 27, 2020

Award-winning author Lisa Goich will bring her unique perspective on living the unencumbered life to the Women's Leadership Symposium on April 14.

Lisa Goich likes to think of herself as a multipotentialite. She doesn’t restrict herself to just one pursuit in life; she has many as an author, copywriter, blogger, journalist and stand-up comedian. Currently, she’s a cohost and producer of Tuesday People, a podcast with popular writer Mitch Albom with her sights set on even more. 

“I like to try a lot of things for sure,” she laughs. “I highly recommend it.”

A recent episode of Tuesday People explored the life of a death doula, someone who ushers people out of this world. It intrigued Lisa so much that she’s looking into classes to become one.

“When something interests me, I try to go learn about it,” she says.

“There are no limits.”

To the pragmatist, it might seem Lisa has neither rhyme nor reason to her endeavors, but she absolutely knows what she’s doing.

It’s called living.

“You learn what’s important in life by living your life, which is something many of us don’t do,” she says.

 “We go to work, we come home, we go to sleep, we wake up.”

Rinse, wash and repeat.

Lisa will be the morning keynote speaker at the Women’s Leadership Symposium on Tuesday, April 14, at the Intercontinenal Hotel at the Cleveland Clinic, and she plans on sharing a message that heralds the virtues of living the unencumbered life.

Hosted by the CSU Alumni Association, the Women’s Leadership Symposium is a full day of inspiring speakers, discussions, insightful breakout sessions, and networking. More than 1,500 women from Northeast Ohio have previously attended.

All are welcome to learn, grow and engage professionally and personally. Early-bird pricing is currently available for a limited time. Sponsorships are also available. Learn more about the event at www.wlscsu.com.