Hear her out

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Hear her out November 25, 2019

There’s a chance that one evening in the future your phone will ring, and Abigail Lindenmeier will be on the other end of the line.

Hear her out.

That’s not just because she’s a student caller working to bring in gifts to the University, but it’s also because you’d be surprised what can come of those conversations. Even if you don’t end up opening your wallet. 

Plus, Abigail, a junior social work major, is really sweet, and we’re sure you’d like her.

This is her fourth semester working in the call center and she says her favorite part of being a student caller isn’t necessarily when an alumnus gives.

“I really like connecting with the alumni and hearing their stories,” she says. 

“I’ve gotten a lot of advice and information from other social work [alumni].”

Abigail readily acknowledges that working in a call center isn’t for everyone. Typically shifts run three hours in the evenings with students calling nonstop. She estimates on a good day that she’s actually complete from anywhere between 10-15 calls. And that doesn’t include the wrong numbers, disconnects and the inevitable hang-ups. 

“Usually if they know where the call is going, they hang up,” she says of the typical interaction with an alumnus who’s loath to give.

She takes in all in stride though because she loves the work, so much so that this is her second stint in the call center after a brief break due to a heavy course load.

It’s likely she loves the work because she knows what a gift can do for a student because she’s also a scholarship recipient.

“Students thrive when they’re getting the help they need,” she said.

Among many other things, we’re thankful for students like Abigail, carving time in her busy schedule to reach out to alumni.

So if in the days ahead, she comes calling, do us a favor.

Just hear her out.