CSUAA Board Application

About the CSU Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Cleveland State University Alumni Association (CSUAA) advances the mission and vision of the University by creating strategic opportunities that engage students, graduates and the community in networking, volunteer service, outreach and dynamic programming. As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, it represents its members in organized activities and relationships with the University.

The CSUAA Board of Directors is the governing body of the CSUAA. It is the accredited venue for the consideration, determination and transaction of matters pertaining to members and their chapter organizations with regard to their relationship with the University.

The objects and purposes of the Cleveland State University Alumni Association are:
1) To promote the interest and welfare of Cleveland State University and its alumni;
2) To inspire, develop and maintain the interest of alumni in the University;
3) To help alumni keep alive the friendships, associations and interests they formed as students at Cleveland State University and Fenn College;
4) To foster giving and volunteer service to the University;
5) To maintain close cooperation among alumni, officers and Trustees of the University; and
6) To establish a venue through which alumni may support and advance the cause of higher education by the University; all of the foregoing to be consistent with the policies established by the Trustees of the University


APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. Thank you for your interest, please contact us at alumni@csuohio.edu with questions.