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Keeping your contact information up to date with the CSU Alumni Association allows us to:

  1. Ensure your record is current as an alum with the University. This allows us to more easily help you access important academic records, and connect you with various colleges and divisions.
  2. Share exciting, and important, campus and alumni news, as well as benefits, with you.
  3. Invite you to special University and alumni-specific events and programs.
  4. Feature you, and your work, in CSU and CSU Alumni Association publications and on social media.
  5. Contact you for speaking engagements, or other volunteer opportunities.
  6. Celebrate and congratulate you on your accomplishments. 

Updating your contact information is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply complete the form below with your current, preferred, contact information. If you move, change jobs, switch email addresses, etc. please complete this form again to let us know there’s been a change. Also please share with us using this form any good news (awards, accomplishments, etc.). We love learning and sharing the successes of our Viking alumni family!