Get Unstuck: 3 Power Moves to Create Change Now

Alumni Learning Consortium

Get Unstuck: 3 Power Moves to Create Change Now

  • May 24, 2022
  • 12:00 PM

Have you ever felt 'stuck'? Maybe...

You're caught in a career track you feel like is going nowhere fast.

You want to be doing more of what you love but can't see how.

You feel like something needs to change but have no idea where to begin.


Inside this power-packed session, we'll explore strategies grounded in neuroscience principles, that will empower you to create meaningful (and seriously impactful) change in your life NOW. By the time you reach the finish line, you'll:

  • Discover the Major Mindset Shift that unlocks meaningful change
  • Explore a 3-step strategy designed to clear up the mental chaos of indecision and overwhelm, sharpen your focus and spark energy to propel you into action
  • Built a fit-for-you action plan to create change

To ensure you lock in your 'Get Unstuck Plan' and support you beyond our session, I'm sharing with you tools to jumpstart your success:

  • My Personal Success Roadmap (Action planning tool)
  • 20 high-Impact, Low-Risk Action Steps to Take NOW

If you want to create change and you are ready to quit the exhausting DIY approach, tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting for your 'moment to arrive', done with indecision which is costing you time and missed opportunity, this sessions is for you.

Lenore Abare is a lifelong enthusiast for personal development and is on a mission to create engaging and meaningful virtual learning experiences. The kind of experiences that are fueled with intention. Moving with intention creates ENERGY. Energy creates POWER. POWER puts the steering wheel back into your own hands.

Through heightened awareness, practical skill-building techniques, Lenore's programs shift the landscape from theoretical to practical, empowering learners to take immediate and decisive action. Her focus includes virtual facilitation, virtual learning design and development, public speaking, and executive presentation. Lenore has an established track record of design, development, and delivery across a wide spectrum of topics: Career Development, Leadership, Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Self-awareness, Coaching, and Entrepreneurial Business Development.

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