How to Make An Empowered Ask to Achieve Success, Fulfillment and Peace of Mind

Alumni Learning Consortium

How to Make An Empowered Ask to Achieve Success, Fulfillment and Peace of Mind

  • February 3, 2022
  • 12:00 PM

For many of us -- across various cultures, identities, and experiences -- asking for support may be thought of as a sign of weakness or incompetence. As a result, we often struggle through challenges alone, which leads to stress and feeling stuck. However, the opposite is true when it comes to leadership and a true display of confidence. The willingness to ask for and accept support is the key to success, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

During this empowering webinar, facilitator Elayne Fluker will:

  • Uncover limiting beliefs and blind spots you may have about support
  • Demonstrate how these beliefs and blindspots may be holding you back at work and in life
  • Teach strategies to get the H.E.L.P.™ that allows you to stress less and accomplish more
  • Explain Elayne’s 5 Rs of Making an Empowered Ask™ to build your support networks and get meaningful results

About the author: Elayne Fluker is the author of the new book, Get Over "I Got It." As a speaker at organization such as LinkedIn, the United Nations, the Women Presidents' Organization, NYU, Columbia, Spelman College, and Howard University, she gives women a roadmap for making empowered asks and living a fulfilled life. Elayne is also the host of the Support is Sexy podcast, where she has interviewed more than 500 diverse women entrepreneurs worldwide, and she is the founder of SiS. Academy -- an online learning platform educating and empowering Black Women entrepreneurs. Elayne was recently named a "Founder of Change" for SiS Academy as part of the American Express "100 for 100" program featuring 100 innovative Black women entrepreneurs.