Radiant Riviera

Jun 15

Radiant Riviera

  • June 15
  • June 23, 2019

Take in spectacular views along the Mediterranean’s renowned coastline as you sail from cosmopolitan Barcelona to legendary Rome aboard the elegant Riviera. Travel to the island of Mallorca to Palma, a town with impressive architecture and historic monuments that surround a magnificent Gothic sandstone cathedral. Then, continue to Marseille, France’s oldest city that offers an array of galleries and museums and is the gateway to the picturesque landscapes and medieval towns of Provence. Next, head to Monte Carlo, an extravagant city surrounded by the renowned destinations of Nice, Èze, and Cannes—all connected by the Grande Corniche. Antibes, this stunning coastal city, has inspired artists, including Picasso, with its sunny and serene disposition, while Ajaccio, the next port, is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and has relics commemorating him throughout the town. Finally, visit Livorno, a starting point for adventures in the monument-rich cities of Florence and Pisa and the idyllic Tuscan countryside.

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