Digital Everything: Forever and All to See

Homecoming, Women's Leadership Lunch Series

Digital Everything: Forever and All to See

  • October 6, 2020
  • 12:00 PM

Join us for the first of our Women's Leadership Lunch Series. Catherine Bosley is an award-winning, veteran journalist with powerful and thought-provoking messages to share about our digital lives and the impact of our choices in cyberspace. 

Cyber-image can make or break any person, no matter where they are in life, or any business or organization and no matter what size, Catherine's insight will arm attendees with actionable steps to protect themselves, those they care about and their professional interests from digital disaster. She will share techniques learned from her own inspirational story of coming back from cyber-humiliation. 

With years of expertise in online advocacy and online image "control," Catherine shares unique insight about how to rise above any sort of cyber-catastrophe/cruelty, on a personal level, as well as powerful strategy when it comes to reputation management on a business/organizational level. On all levels, her message stresses the importance of making better everyday choices in our ever-evolving digital reality. It's all based on understanding how little room there is for a "what was I thinking" moment before it could become attached to you forever and for all to see, one mouse click away. 


Zoom meeting ID and password will be provided prior to the event.