How to Get Engaged

The CSU Alumni Association welcomes you to connect with our students, our faculty, our staff and our campus. Explore the many ways you can plug in.


I want to…volunteer

You have expertise. You have talent. And you have perspective that could help our students as they start their careers. Plus, there are several boards you could join to help develop programming for alumni and friends for years to come.

Contact us at or 216.687.2078 and we can point you in the right direction.


I want to…experience the arts at CSU.

You’ll find CSU’s Theatre and Dance department in the heart of Playhouse Square. That’s right. Our students and faculty are woven in the fabric of the nation’s second largest theater district outside of New York City. They’re creating magic onstage. Taking in a show will be well worth the evening out. And while you’re here, be sure not to forget to tour the Galleries at CSU, also a part of the university’s bustling arts campus.

Visit for a schedule of events.


I want to…cheer the Vikings to victory.

Our student-athletes are dedicated. They’re focused. They’re disciplined. And they make us proud whenever they hit the hardwood or the field. We’re sure they’re hearts would swell with Viking pride to see you fill the stands, get season tickets or even become a sponsor.

Visit to find out the schedule of games and how you can contribute to the culture of excellence in CSU Athletics.


I want to…hire students or alumni. 

Give our students a leg up and connect them with internships and co-ops and experiential learning opportunities. When they graduate, they’ll be ready to hit the ground running and will have you to thank for it.

In addition, many of our alumni are looking to enter new chapters in their careers. Those Vikings could make great additions to your team.

Contact the Office of Career Development and Exploration at to find out how you can help or to explore your own career development.


I want to…donate.

Nearly 75% of our undergraduates receive financial aid. And about 82% of first-time, full-time freshman rely on financial assistance to pay for college. Your gifts to scholarships make a difference. Beyond that, you can also help fund programs, equip faculty and shape academic instruction through your support.

Visit to learn about your options.


I want to…further my education and career.

You might be a career learner. Or you may want to gain industry insights to give your career a boost. Get certifications or competency-based credentials through the Division of Continuing Education and Extended Education. Or come back and earn another degree altogether. There are many programs that accommodate your schedule as a working professional. 

Connect with the Division of Continuing Education and Extended Education at or 216.875.9731. 

Learn more about the College of Graduate Studies at

You also might be ready to search for the next big career opportunity. The Office of Career Development and Exploration is here to help as well. Email to get started.