Seven young alumni make Forbes 30 Under 30

Seven young alumni make Forbes 30 Under 30 Image
Seven young alumni make Forbes 30 Under 30 August 28, 2023

They're marketing execs, CEOs, thought leaders and they're crushing it.

Seven young alumni are changing the world. That's according to Forbes magazine, who named this group of the Vikings to its 30 Under 30 Cleveland list. The initiative is an expansion of the publication's longstanding tradition of highlighting the work of young movers and shakers across the globe. Cleveland joins nine other cities this year where Forbes searched for the best and brightest under 30.

Jared Anderson (BA '20) and Sandor Gyerman (BA '21)

Cofounders, andor

The duo were only sophomores at CSU when the idea of creating a Gen Z marketing firm started taking shape. They pitched and refined their business model with mentors at the Weston Ideation lab and were among the first student-led companies to launch as the lab officially opened in 2019. Today, their firm, andor (a combination of Jared's last name and Sandor first name), employs nine people and occupies 3,500 square-foot office space in downtown Cleveland, boasting big name clients like Mercedes Benz USA, Nissan and Volvo USA.

Reilly Berk (MBA '21)

CEO, Berk Enterprises

Reilly's grandfather founded the distributor of food service disposables and after 10 years of working at the company, Reilly took the reins, now managing over 100 people across multiple states. Berk Enterprises supplies products used by 3,000 different customers, including restaurant chains, schools, distributors and more.

Nichole Davis (BSHS '20)

Founder and President, Wayfair Patient Advocates

Nichole's company helps patients navigate their way through the healthcare system. Her private advocates provide counsel on everything from post-care living arrangements to establishing payment options, helping close to 100 patients a year.

Samira Malone (BA '17, MUPD '20)

Executive Director, Cleveland Tree Coalition 

Trees provide more than shade during on those particularly sunny days. Research says they're vital to the health and even economic well-being of our communities. So, Samira is on a mission to restore Cleveland's urban forest. She plans to raise more than $100 million over the next decade to make Cleveland the Forest City once again. 

Selina Pagan (BA '18)

Co-Executive Director, Young Latino Network

Selina focuses on building a network of Latino professionals in Northeastern Ohio, where veteran and aspiring business leaders connect. She started her career working to strengthen the local Hispanic community at the Northeast Ohio Hispanic Center for Economic Development and the Metro West Community Development Organization.

Cameron Tolbert (BBA '21)

Founder, Native Ingredients

Cameron's healthy snack and beverage company has products in 14 stores throughout Cleveland. A self-described serial entrepreneur, he got the bug as an Operation and Supply Chain student at CSU, and is spending his time learning the ropes with a veteran business leader on the Native Ingredients team.