Lori Ann Betchker hopes to fuel the growth of Cleveland as CSUAA Board member

Lori Ann Betchker hopes to fuel the growth of Cleveland as CSUAA Board member Image
Lori Ann Betchker hopes to fuel the growth of Cleveland as CSUAA Board member April 11, 2022

Lori Ann Betchker (BA ‘03) began serving on the Alumni Association Board in 2021. She currently serves on the philanthropy and corporate engagement committee.

Why did you choose to join the CSUAA Board?

“I wish for my contributions to help connect job-ready CSU grads to corporate connections and serve my connections in the business community with a pipeline of talent from CSU that may help them fill team positions. With most CSU graduates remaining in northern Ohio, I feel we are helping to fuel the growth of Cleveland and keep our talent in and among our communities to continue supporting CSU and taking advantage of all of the resources being an alum at CSU provides."

 What is your favorite CSU memory?

 “The friendships of a lifetime that began at CSU. From my volleyball teammates, that I still see 20 years later, to my lifelong friends abroad that I had the good fortune of connecting with because of our CSU education.”

 Favorite CSU hangout?

“Panini’s down in the basement of the student center- the best sandwiches!”

 Who was your favorite CSU professor and what was your favorite CSU class?

“Dr. Slane was my favorite professor- he supported my project idea that was a little out of the box for my final psych project and this truly helped me prepare for grad school. The ‘Roots of Rock and Soul’ class I took was the most unique and engaging real world class I experienced and thoroughly enjoyed.”

 What is your favorite thing to do in Cleveland?

“I enjoy live sports, live music, theater performances, the art museum, the Botanical Garden, exploring new cuisines, comedy shows, and formerly I loved playing sand volleyball, dragon boat racing, and participating in a summer of crew on the river!  There is never a shortage of things to do in Cleveland.”

 What is your favorite Cleveland restaurant?

“I don’t have one favorite, that’s not fair. There are several! I enjoy Tremont and Ohio City the most for dining spots.”

 Do you enjoy any particular activities or have any hobbies?

“Sure! Besides volleyball and swimming, family days at the local parks, zoo, museums and any quality family and friend time together tops the charts for me.”

 Is there anything else you want to share (pets, family composition, etc.)?

“We are a dog family and just adopted a second whippet to join our crew a few weeks ago.” 

 Hidden talents?

“A hidden talent I hope to find more time enjoying in the near future is silversmithing jewelry and using nature’s beauty- natural stones- in my designs.”