Richard J. Lafelice brings his Viking spirit and love of Cleveland to the CSUAA Board

Richard J. Lafelice brings his Viking spirit and love of Cleveland to the CSUAA Board Image
Richard J. Lafelice brings his Viking spirit and love of Cleveland to the CSUAA Board March 9, 2022

Richard J. Lafelice (BSCE ’78, MSCE ’82) is a member of CSU’s Alumni Association Board and serves on the finance committee. He joined the board in September 2021.

Why did you choose to join the CSUAA Board?

“As I near the end of my engineering career I have more time to devote to other interests and some role with my alum was always in the plans. I grew up here and love Cleveland.”

What is your favorite CSU memory?

“The involvement for my junior and senior year in the civil engineering's concrete canoe races.  We built them in the lab on campus and competed in Dallas, Texas my junior year. That qualified us for the national championship my senior year, hosted by Carnegie Mellon University, and we raced on three rivers in Pittsburgh.”

Favorite CSU hangout?

“The Agora and Down Under.”

Who was your favorite CSU professor and what was your favorite CSU class?

“A few favorites I still remember include Dr. Pao, Dr. Fleck, and Dr. Goswami. Dr. Goswani taught hydraulics and was very animated.” 

What is your favorite thing to do in Cleveland?

“Sports has been my life. I enjoy watching the Browns, Cavs, and Indians with my sons and daughter. I also enjoy theater and am a Broadway Series subscriber. It's a mistake for one not to take advantage of the second largest theater district in the country.”

What is your favorite Cleveland restaurant?

“There are several and they fluctuate. Now, I would say Luca's Italian Cuisine but close are Pier W, Dante, and Blue Point Grille.”

Do you enjoy any particular activities or have any hobbies?

“I've used sporting events annually for over 20 years (a guy thing) to stay connected with my sons, son-in-law, brother and brothers-in-law. For years, this was a trip to a regional in the march madness tourney; and now, maybe a golf trip with busy lives. I also enjoy golfing and trail biking.”

Is there anything else you want to share (pets, family composition, etc.)?

“I'm 1st generation American; my parents immigrated here from Italy in 1954.  I'll be married 40 years this August. We have 3 adult children (2 married and our youngest is engaged) and 2 grandchildren.  My oldest son is a major in the USMC expected to be involved in a support role to the joint chiefs of staff in the pentagon.”

Hidden talents?

“I have nothing "hidden" to share.  However, I can share a photo of my wife's idea for my family to become the Village People as a surprise at my daughter's wedding at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel.”