Christine D. Moravec

George B. Davis Award for Service to the University

Dr. Christine Moravec has provided outstanding service to the College of Sciences and Health Professions and the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences (BGES) since graduating with her Ph.D. in regulatory biology in 1988.

Recently she was integral to launching a full-time, paid internship program in which CSU undergraduates are paired with a principal investigator at Lerner Research Institute for an immersion and research experience.

Dr. Moravec is an adjunct faculty member in CSU’s BGES department, serves as head of adjunct faculty to BGES at the Cleveland Clinic and is a standing member of the BGES Graduate Committee on Curriculum and Academic Standards. She also works with CSU Clinical Chemistry and Applied Biomedical Engineering students at the Clinic.

In 33 years with Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Moravec has earned respect in numerous positions of responsibility. She recently was promoted to assistant dean for basic science education in the Lerner College of Medicine, where she also serves as director of dual degree programs. She holds a research staff appointment in molecular cardiology and is director of the Center for Research Education and Training, both in the Lerner Research Institute.

Dr. Moravec was included in CSU’s first group of Fascinating Alumni in 2015 and received the Distinguished Alumni Award for the College of Sciences and Health Professions in 2008.