Steven Potash

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Steve Potash is the founder and chief executive officer of OverDrive, Inc., the leading digital reading platform for eBooks, audiobooks and other digital media for libraries, schools, government agencies, corporate learning centers, colleges and universities worldwide. 

A pioneer in the digital content industry, he was among the first to develop useful applications for digital books in the 1980s. He began his career offering innovative floppy diskette, CD-ROM and print-to-digital conversion services, and introduced early versions of digital books to the law, accounting and healthcare industries. In 2000, he launched OverDrive’s flagship global content distribution hub, OverDrive Marketplace; leading publishing houses rely on OverDrive to sell to a global network of 36,000 libraries and schools in 63 countries.

Mr. Potash earned his JD from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 1978. He generously supports C|M|LAW, has served on its Visiting Committee and National Advisory Committee, and currently serves of the merged Board of Visitors. He lives in the Chagrin Falls area with his alumna wife Loree, JD ’79.