Peter Bode

Putting community resources to work in the fight for clean water

You might call Peter Bode a watershed guardian, or perhaps just a sustainability superstar. It’s impressive to track the numerous titles and efforts he has going at one time. He’s currently a Coordinator, Geographic Information System (GIS) Manager, Project Manager and Data Analyst for Cuyahoga River Restoration, a nonprofit organization devoted to the restoration and protection of the Cuyahoga River, nearshore Lake Erie, and select Lake Erie tributary watersheds. 

In his multi-hat-wearing role, Bode is tackling issues in sustainability and watershed health on both the neighborhood and corporate levels. A specific goal on his radar is trying to de-list the Cuyahoga River as an Area of Concern in the Great Lakes. 

Bode’s roots in environmental respect and awareness run deep. Growing up, he considered the Cleveland Metroparks his backyard, and his father spent his career in wastewater management. Bode dedicated six years to landscape design and installation and then went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in environmental science at Cleveland State University.

While attending CSU, he made a point of taking advantage of — and creating — connections, resources and opportunities. He was president of the Student Environmental Movement, was heavily involved in NET Impact, the American Planning Organization, Corporate Sustainability Roundtables and Bioneers, and served as a volunteer at the Cleveland Metroparks and the Rae Ann Center. He urges CSU students to be aware of the value of networking both in the school and the community, and advocates for joining a research team.

He fondly remembers a semester spent in the CSU biology and ecology research lab working on vegetation analysis of vacant lots for the Urban Long Term Research Area project (ULTRA-ex). This experience and other similar ones at CSU helped arm him with critical skills including scientific GIS analytic skills, major project management, regional organizational collaboration, scientific data analysis and statistics, and public outreach methods.

Bode’s passion for the environment and his strategic educational pursuits combine to help him answer one final question with an inspirational amount of enthusiasm: What is the best job you have ever had?  “The one I have now. I love my work!”

It is no surprise that his energy flows into his personal life as well. He is happily married to Monica Bode and credits her love and support for his educational and professional accomplishments. In his limited but precious free time, Bode is the singer, harmonica player, cajon player, and manager of the blues group The Naturalists. 

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Peter Bode

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