Andrea Muto

Andrea Muto has been a newspaper reporter in Willoughby, a business researcher at Ernst & Young LLP and an account manager at LexisNexis. But she says her favorite job was as an international development consultant in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Liberia and Mali.

“I had always had my sights on a career in international law and a combination of circumstances led me to Kabul, Afghanistan. I spent three years consulting as a contractor for USAID and among my projects, I worked with Afghan staff to develop a law library on Kabul University campus,” she says.

Muto’s team purchased books from Pakistan and Egypt, created a temperature-controlled ar­chive, and published the laws of Afghanistan from 2000 onward. She discussed the experience, which she says will frame every other career step in the future, at a TEdx talk at Cleveland State in 2016.

Now a research services librarian at Georgetown University Law Center library Muto says she’s setting new goals in research, writing and teaching, and charting a new path in academia. “What’s inspiring is what I don’t know where my new career direction will lead next,” she adds.


Watch her 2016 TEDxClevelandStateUniversity talk

Andrea Muto, JD '94