Gary Tucholski

For 34 years, Gary Tucholski was an engineer for Eveready Battery Co., ending his tenure as a Technology Fellow, the company’s highest research position. He is an inventor of record on close to 50 United States patents and numerous foreign patents and played a key role in the development of numerous battery technologies and Eveready product lines. For his contributions to the industry, he was named a charter member of the Eveready Battery Hall of Fame.

Tucholski began working at Eveready as a technician while attending night school at Fenn College. During his 37-year career with the company his many achievements included: 

  • Development of ultra-miniature alkaline cells, known as button cells, which led to a product line of 15 different sizes and systems. 
  • Design of miniature lithium cells, called coin cells. 
  • Production changes that led to a much longer shelf life for numerous battery systems.
  • Redesign of internal contact systems to maximize light output while minimizing battery drains.
  • Pioneering work in printed electronics, through development of the Eveready “on cell battery tester.”

After retiring from Eveready, Tucholski became the chief technology officer and vice president of technology for Blue Spark Technologies, one of the world's leading producers of thin film batteries. He passed away in June 2017.

Gary Tucholski, BSME '63