Brian's Corner

Reply A, B, C or All of the Above

New Year, New You? Same old me here, but excited to welcome you all to a new year on behalf of your alumni association. The next several weeks we have many alumni events planned in northeast Ohio and beyond, including events in Florida and Arizona. So, if you’re looking to escape to someplace warm, consider joining us for one of our road trips as we visit alumni in sunny, warm climates.

When you travel nowadays, you’ve probably come to expect a survey immediately following your flight, your hotel stay, your rental car experience, or even from the restaurants where you dined. It seems that everyone wants our feedback. Not to be too cynical, but I often wonder if these surveys are even read. 

We’re about to embark on our own survey, however, and I can promise that your responses will be read.

In our continuing effort to better understand your wants/desires and to best serve you, we’ve partnered with a national firm to produce an alumni attitude survey. Alumni with email addresses will receive surveys over the next few weeks.  The surveys will take about 10 minutes to complete as we are genuinely interested in your thoughts on a number of areas.  Please accept our invitation to participate and provide us with your candid feedback.

In an upcoming issue of Viking Pride we will share with readers the results of your feedback along with comparisons with other institutions across the country, including those with similar demographics as ours. Again, your investment in time completing the survey will help us immensely.  Thank you so much.

I look forward to continuing our conversations throughout 2019.

Brian Breittholz,
Executive Director, CSU Alumni Association
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Affairs