Happy Valentine's Day

Another Valentine’s Day has arrived and once again, I have a romantic evening planned—staying home, eating overpriced chocolate, drinking a glass of red wine, and endless scrolling through Match.com with hopes of not spending next year’s Valentine’s Day like today. Though, if my memory serves me right, I had the same plan last year. Is it Valentine’s Day today or Groundhog’s Day?

Love is in the air, so they say, but my windows must be shut. Oh well, my dog still loves me…I hope.

It is also often said that when you’re not looking for love, you find it, or it finds you. After reading many stories submitted by our alumni, that sentiment seems to be a common thread. While enrolled in classes at CSU, or bumping into one another after graduating from CSU, the stories about finding their special valentine are inspiring.  We continued our annual Vowed Viking Contest this month and feature the winners in this issue, Trina and Gerald Carrier, who found each other on campus, drifted apart, and finally reconnected to build a life together. Inspiring.

More than 2,000 CSU alumni share similar traits as they found their life partner at, or because of, CSU. Today, we wish our Vowed Vikings everywhere a very special Valentine’s Day.

Maybe I should cancel my match.com subscription and just enroll in some classes!

Brian Breittholz,
Executive Director, CSU Alumni Association
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Affairs