Brian's Corner

Cents and Sensibilities

Another school year has come to a close and I find myself wondering (once again) where did the time go? On campus, it was a year filled with activity, accomplishment, construction and continued progress. I thoroughly enjoy working on a college campus, especially one in the heart of a city. Along with alumni, we strive to connect daily with students, as they are our future alumni, and their aspirations and their energy motivate us to help them achieve in and well beyond the classroom.

Our annual Radiance gala was held on May 11, just a few days before spring commencement. Through the generous support of alumni and corporate/foundation partners, we announced $1.3 million raised this year to support Radiance scholarships. These scholarships are often essential to finishing school after other forms of financial aid have expired. I must say, the highlight of the evening for me was the student speaker, Amanda Posey.  Her personal story, about overcoming numerous odds growing up, and attending CSU following years as a foster care student, had the entire crowd of 600+ at the edge of our seats. She is one remarkable young woman, and I look forward to seeing all she achieves in the future. Amanda received a much deserved standing ovation from the crowd. 

Driving home following Radiance, I continued to think about Amanda, and the many, many students (and alumni) I’ve met over the years who’ve worked jobs (often multiple jobs) to put themselves through college. While some college headlines reflect privilege and entitlement of their student bodies, our students are as consistent as our alumni—honest, hardworking, persevering, determined, strong, and committed to making it across the goal line to earning their degrees. 

In the upcoming CSU Magazine, we have a feature article about the costs of college and some of the policies CSU has implemented to help students graduate on time, minimizing student debt. The battle continues to be uphill, with Ohio support significantly lagging behind most states, shifting more burden on already stretched students.  I hope you find the article to be insightful.

We will be taking a Viking Pride break the next two months and will be back in late summer as we gear up for another school year.  As always, feel free to contact us (216) 6897-2078 with any questions, concerns, or comments. Also, keep abreast of the latest activities and programs by visiting our website at

Go Vikings!

Brian Breittholz,
Executive Director, CSU Alumni Association
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Affairs