Brian's Corner

On some college campuses, the sounds of the football team practicing before the season begins or the marching band practicing its drills signifies the start of the new academic year. Since I arrived at CSU, I’ve become accustomed to a different roar that announces the start of the school—the loud fighter jets crisscrossing the downtown skyline practicing for the annual Cleveland Air Show. It may not sound like your traditional campus buzz, but when those Navy Blue Angels zoom overhead in their booming fighter jets, you notice and you realize we’ve reached another Labor Day.

The 53rd school year at CSU has begun—O Hail the Green and White!  We continue to break admission records with the increasing size of the freshman class and the academic caliber they bring.  The campus physical plant continues to evolve with our sustained growth and progress.  The Chester Building was recently razed to begin construction on the new wing of the Washkewicz College of Engineering. Along with cutting-edge laboratories and learning spaces, the wing will be a beautiful northern entrance point to campus along Chester Avenue.  The former headquarters of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland was also recently razed and construction of a new 500-student apartment building is underway.  Considering this year’s long housing waiting list from incoming students, I suspect the new building will fill quickly next year after its grand opening. 

When speaking with alumni, I often hear comments about how much the campus has changed from their days at CSU.  Their comments are always consistent—the campus looks so much better today than during their day. But they also allude to not knowing where to park or where to go if they visited today.  I admit, understanding where to park (legally) can be a barrier to visiting. And who wants to wander around campus lost?

Returning this fall to campus to celebrate Homecoming provides an opportunity to come back and experience for yourself the changes underway at your alma mater and the progress we’ve made.  More than 30 events are planned during Homecoming week (go to, including tours, receptions, classes and parades.

All alumni (especially reunion classes) are invited to the all-alumni reception on Wednesday, September 28.  Along with class reunions, we’ve encouraged a number of former student groups/clubs to sponsor their own reunions within this reunion. The reunion is right after work and parking is conveniently adjacent to the Student Center.

If parades are more up your alley, join in the fun and march in the Homecoming parade after work on Thursday, September 29. There’s no need to create a float—dress up and be the float yourself.  Better yet—dress up your entire family or friends and march with our students and other alumni. Check-in is at 6 p.m. at Krenzler Field.

Experience one of the classiest events of the year as we honor our distinguished alumni on Friday evening, September 30. Some 500 alumni and friends are expected to join in the celebration of 10 exceptional alumni. At last count 50 tickets were still available online—don’t miss out.

Learn more about all of the activities at and make plans to participate in at least one event.  You won’t regret it.