Brian's Corner

You be the Float

"You be the float" were the words I uttered four years ago when I “inherited” Homecoming responsibilities after listening to lengthy complaints about how difficult it was finding flat beds to use to create a float, how much time it took to decorate a float, and the list went on. So my immediate response was to ditch traditional ways of thinking about Homecoming parades and to invite students and alumni to simply show up and march in the parade decked out in whatever made them feel celebratory.  In essence, you be the float.

Initially, folks looked at me like I had a third eye. “What do you be the float?” Once they moved beyond the strange stare, I could see the wheels turning in their heads, thinking about all the possibilities. The People-Powered Homecoming Parade is now one of the highlights of Homecoming at CSU with students, alumni, and faculty/staff marching down Euclid showing off their spirit and pride, proving one is never too old to enjoy a parade—as a spectator or as a float!

Our Homecoming program on campus continues to grow each year with more alumni in attendance and a greater slate of event options. Planned throughout the week, our academic colleges hosted a variety of educational and social programs that made the return to campus meaningful.  

I found the entire week to be rewarding. Whether it was the masses at the parade, the very moving Distinguished Alumni Awards, the 50th anniversary luncheon, the Golden Apple awards program, the breakfast for faculty/staff alumni, or the many student programs planned by the student Homecoming Committee, the week was full of pride and enthusiasm for Vikings from across the generations.

If you were among the 1,500+ alumni who attended, thank you. Let us know how to continue improving the experience so we can double participation next year. We continue to help groups plan their own reunions within the Homecoming schedule.  If you’re interested in getting a reunion group together next year, let us know as we’ll help with much of the heavy lifting.

Check out our photo galleries here to experience the reinvigorated tradition of CSU Homecoming.

Brian Breittholz,
Executive Director, CSU Alumni Association
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Affairs