Brian's Corner

Cables and Generators and Protestors…Oh My!

There I was, in 1992, in the heart of midtown Manhattan, standing outside of Madison Square Garden, mouth dropped wide open in awe of what was before my eyes.  No, it wasn’t Rudy Giuliani, nor Madonna, or Bruce Springsteen for that matter. It wasn’t a slew of Monster Trucks, or the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. It wasn’t even Hulk Hogan and his WWF posse.   There I was, amazed while looking at all of the press trucks, miles and miles of cables and electric cords, countless generators, lights and protesters all part of the political national convention taking place inside the arena.  Right then, I knew I wanted to be part (lead to be precise) of a presidential convention.  Little did I know that 30 years later, I’d be volunteering to support a national political convention … and a Republican convention to boot.

Yes, me, the lifelong Democrat is signing up to volunteer for the upcoming Republican National Convention. And I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision.

Cleveland will soon host an event involving more than 50,000 visitors over several days that will be broadcast throughout the world.  In fact, the political conventions are the second largest television events behind the Olympics.  And this convention will be Cleveland’s opportunity to shine, shine, shine.

Although I’m still fairly new to the region, I love this place and can’t wait to show the world our pride, our stride, and our delicious local side.

The convention will occupy 17,000 hotel rooms and will conduct 1,200 special events at venues throughout the city.  It is estimated to have a $200 million economic impact.   The experience will be electric and our city electrified with long-lasting ripples.

So, instead of gawking in amazement as if I were back at Madison Square Garden, I’m going to engage in the experience and volunteer.  With 120,000+ alumni among our ranks, I encourage you to join in as well to showcase our wonderful city.

Over 8,000 volunteers are needed. Why sit home and watch the convention when it will be taking place throughout our city. Join me is showing off Cleveland as a volunteer at

Brian Breittholz
Executive Director
CSU Alumni Association