Q+A with super-engaged student Deanna Silmi

What brought you to CSU?

Well it was one of three schools that I wanted to go to so I applied and got my acceptance letter. I took a visit to all three colleges and just really fell in love with our campus and its surroundings. It also did not hurt that I had a lot of family in the suburb areas that I got the chance to spend more time with. 

Major and GPA:

Criminology/Sociology Double Major 3.0gpa

Favorite Quote:

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Attributed to legendary baseball player Babe Ruth.

I'm proud to be a Viking because…

I'm proud to be a Viking because everything I've learned outside of the classroom here at Cleveland State has made me a better person. I'm also proud to be a Viking because the CSU community is one of the best that I've ever been a part of. Everyone here is amazing and you realize that when you start to build different types of relationships with everyone.

My Favorite part of CSU...
I do not really have a favorite part to our campus. I love it all. If being a tour guide has taught me anything, it's been to love every single part of this campus and take pride in it. However, if I had to just choose one out of the whole campus that has a slight edge over the rest it would be our CSU Police Department, only because they have REX our police German Shepard.