From the CSUAA Board president

To My Fellow CSU Veterans,

Today, November 11 is Veterans Day. And so, much ado about the meaning of the day will be made, and for good reason. On this day, we honor those who honored our country with its highest form of service: Men and women who once wore the uniform of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. Men and women like us. But a lot of the gratitude we receive is grounded in something greater than what we did on duty. It’s also an appreciation of the example that we continue to set after our service has ended—our example as citizens.

When I arrived on campus at CSU after serving four years in the US Air Force, I was going through a readjustment. I found myself in a constant pursuit of re-attaining the meaningfulness of those years I served, chasing the feeling I had when my profession involved working in challenging conditions with teams of great people to solve big problems whose scope exceeded personal gain.But through growth and reflection, I came to understand that service to country isn’t linked to combat or the military. There are a lot of satisfying ways to serve one’s country or community. Whether it’s mailing a check to your favorite charity, donating time to the homeless, or assisting in your community as a mentor; giving back is as beneficial to you as to those you may serve. Because contribution beyond yourself keeps your life in check, where you form a good foundation to build your successes upon.

As we begin to hunker down for the season ahead, we find ourselves in an extraordinary time. COVID-19 has changed our world, and it has done so quickly. Each of our lives has been disrupted in profound ways. During this unprecedented time, I encourage you to continue to find comfort and purpose in being there for others. Please remember to reach out to your classmates, friends, co-workers, and the people you cherish, especially those for whom this time may pose particular difficulties. And be sure to take care of your minds, bodies, and spirits.

Nikki Byrd ’00

President, CSU Alumni Board