Geraldine Klohs

Meet Geraldine Klohs

What brought you to CSU?

I'm an international student from Germany. After I graduated from High School I came to Cleveland to spend one year an Au Pair. After going back to Germany and attending University for one year, which I didn't enjoy, I was drawn back to the U.S.. I started talking to my host mom about the possibility of coming back to Cleveland to attend college, my host grandpa Steve Minter has close ties to CSU and after researching CSU online I was hooked and felt as if I would fit right in. I applied and got accepted and moved back to the U.S..

Major and GPA:

Communication Management Major, Marketing Minor, 3.64 GPA

Favorite Quote?

I have two favourite quotes.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" - Benjamin Franklin

I’m proud to be a Viking because…

I'm proud to be a Viking because CSU is a great educational institution that focuses on helping students excel in their lives and follow their dreams. Being a Viking means more than just being a student at CSU it means being part of a group of unique, diverse and smart group of students, staff and faculty - it means being part of the Viking family!

Favorite part of CSU?

My favorite part about CSU is the Campus that is part of downtown Cleveland, the level of engagement and interest my professors have expressed in me and my personal success and the diversity of the student body. 

Advice for students thinking about attending CSU or new students to CSU?

My advice for new students would be to choose a major that you are interested in and passionate about that way you will enjoy all your classes and strive to learn more. My advice for new students to CSU would be to not be afraid to ask questions and get involved! Join a student organization, you will find new friends and your involvement will help make your college experience much more enjoyable and memorable!

Student activities?

I have served on the board of the 1964 Society (formerly knows as Student Alumni Association) as the volunteer chair for one year and am the president this school year. I am very proud to be part such a distinct group of smart and unique individuals and grateful to be able to lead the organization to new heights. 

Plans after graduation?

Since I am in my zone of going to college I am planning on moving straight on to a masters program. Eventually I would like to ear my PhD and end up in a career that allows be to travel and work with individuals on a international level.