Students Helping Students

The Students Helping Students (SHS) is an initiative sponsored by the 1964 Society that aims to get students involved, engaged, and understanding the importance of philanthropy. Students have the chance to make a change on campus and in other students’ lives by contributing through the gifts of time and talent as well as financial donations. In the end, our goal and the goal of SHS is to be able to award as many SHS Scholarships as possible to students whose financial need may be greater than yours or mine, and who have shown others what philanthropy really means.

Some of the 1964 Society’s signature SHS initiatives include:

  • SHS Surprise – Members surprises a lucky student in line at the bookstore by paying for all their books.
  • SHS Straight A Sweets – Members passes out baked goods to students with motivational quotes during midterms and finals weeks.
  • SHS Parking Pass Raffle – Members collects donations throughout the semester for SHS. Those that donate are entered into a raffle to win a green parking pass for the following semester.

SHS Commencement Rose Sale – Members sell roses at the commencement ceremonies in December and May. All of the profits from the sale go toward the SHS fund and are given directly back to students through various SHS raffles and initiatives.

Give Today!

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