First Vike

Our students need you!

Remember what it was like starting on the great adventure – college -- at Cleveland State University?  If you were lucky, you had a mentor or someone who could give you advice on what to expect, answer questions about navigating an urban campus, and help you succeed. 

Many of our students are first-generation college students.  Close to 40 percent are the first in their families to attend college.  We would like to make those first steps to attaining a college degree a little easier by creating an outreach program that will be a resource for incoming first-generation freshmen. 

And we are looking for alumni who were first-generation college students to help. Are you willing to:

Give advice on what to expect at CSU?

Answer questions from students about what you did to get where you are today?

Speak as part of a panel to first-generation students?

Act as a resource for career advice?

Possibly develop a long-term mentoring relationship with a student?

If so, please contact the alumni office at

We look forward to your input and participation in helping us launch this new program!

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