Nine questions with our newest CSUAA Board President

Nine questions with our newest CSUAA Board President Image
Nine questions with our newest CSUAA Board President June 24, 2021

As an HR professional with nearly two decades of experience, Lauren Rudman (MLRHR '08) thrives in helping company employees learn, grow and advance in their respective careers. Now, the senior director of HR and Training for GNCO, Inc., takes the reins as president of the CSU Alumni Association Board of Directors to help cultivate deeper alumni relationships with CSU.

  1. What do you hope to accomplish during your tenure as president of the CSU Alumni Association board?  
    The CSU community has been resilient throughout this global pandemic. With that being said, I hope to reinvigorate the engagement of our alumni base across the US through professional development and social events, as well as provide students with opportunities to connect with one another so they become active alumni upon graduation.

  2. Why have you remained an active CSU volunteer for as long as you have? 
    I had the opportunity to attend CSU for the Master in Labor Relations and Human Resources program and had a wonderful experience as an evening student. Professors are world class and I made lifelong friendships and connections with fellow alumni that still continue to this day. I want to pay it forward to showcase all the CSU has to offer to our Cleveland community.

  3. What are the benefits of staying connected?
    Knowledge of the university’s plan within the Cleveland area, opportunities to network with fellow alumni and supporters of the school, and being able to give back to a place I called my second home for 2 years.

  4. Sum up your experience at CSU in one word. 

  5. If you weren’t an HR professional, what do you think you’d be?  
    Good question. Toss up between an attorney or a private investigator. When I retire, I plan to enter the wine industry.

  6. What are the rewarding parts of your career? 
    I have the chance every day to provide leadership and mentorship to 500+ employees on all human capital matters – I partner with my senior leadership team on our business’s strategy, attract and engage employees, and provide opportunities for them to showcase their strengths.  

  7. Favorite restaurant in Cleveland?
    Fahrenheit in Tremont
  8. Favorite campus (or off-campus) hangout while a student?

  9. As a resident of #CLE, are you an Eastsider, Westsider or Southsider?
    West side pride! I live in Fairview Park. However, I grew up on the east side. Always say you can take the girl out of the east side, but you can’t take the east side out of the girl.