Top 10 reasons to come back to campus for Homecoming

Top 10 reasons to come back to campus for Homecoming Image
Top 10 reasons to come back to campus for Homecoming September 19, 2018

Homecoming is next week, and you might be on the fence about whether you'll join us. We'll get off the fence and come down and join us. You'll be glad you did.

In honor of the festivities, we present a list, in no particular order, of just why you should be there. Not on the list is how much we'll miss you if you don't show.

  1. One word: Swenson's.
    Yes, THAT Swenson's. The one with the packed lots with hungry customers longing for burgers. Or shakes. Or fries. Or anything Swenson's. They'll be at Vikefest.
  2. Rubbing shoulders with Hollywood royalty.
    Though he likely shies away from the distinction, Dan O'Shannon can certainly lay claim. When you're responsible in part for TV classics like Cheers, Frasier and now Modern Family, you can puff your chest just a bit. Register here.
  3. Meeting CSU's new president Harlan Sands.
    We really like him and think you will as well. He'll be with us throughout the week, but you can catch him in The Parade and Vikefest.
  4. And speaking of parades, how often are you the star of a parade?!?!
    You get that chance on Thursday, September 27. Our people-power parade, as we like to call it, is lots of fun. Sign up today and get a free T-shirt.
  5. Chatting up men's basketball coach Dennis Felton and his love for the P-Funk.
    More on that here.
  6. Checking an item off your bucket list.
    Lots of folks seems to want to run a marathon or some iteration of it during their lifetimes. We've got you covered. The Homecoming 5K Run. Don't delay in registering though.
  7. The glitz. The glam. The Distinguished Alumni Awards.
    Our marquee awards event of the year serves up great food, laughter and a helping of CSU inspiration.
  8. Launching America's next great business.
    That might be a stretch, but it might not. At Monday's, "Your Ideas Start Here" at the Weston Ideation Lab, you'll learn what it takes to thrive in building an enterprise. It could be what you need to get going to live your dreams and turning your side hustle into a full fledge business. Learn more here.
  9. Learning how to make the most of life both now and later.
    Time doesn't slow for any of us and our Second Act series event on Thursday, September 27, is focused on helping us age successfully, avoiding many of the pitfalls and obstacles along the way. Register today.
  10. Friends.
    You know what it's like reuniting with old friends, laughing about the remember whens and connecting once again. Homecoming abounds in that. Come on back.

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